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Online 2016

Kunde: Centro Handelsges. mbH, Karlsruhe
Branche: Automobile / Automotive, Trade / Wholesale
Medium: Online
Jahr: 2016

If you're going to do it, do it right: the 1a autoservice portal of more than 1,400 workshops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has been relaunched. New design, new servers, new CMS and 100% response. In addition to the complete range of services from exhaust to accessories, drivers can always expect the latest offers, a vehicle market with car bargains, the obligatory appointment request and, of course, a direct telephone connection to the nearest or preferred 1a autoservice. The more than 1,400 individual web modules of the 1a autoservice workshops will also be responsive for all mobile devices. Speaking of usable: In the first month, traffic increased by 20%.

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